Saturday, January 12, 2013

Faith in Humanity- Let's be awesome together!

HAPPY 2013!

What was big in my internet life of 2012? Memes. They are everywhere!! You can't escape it! What does meme mean anyway? I will blow a kiss so whomever gives me an answer!

First, I would like to say that I love memes. I have been communicating with my best friend through the messaging of memes for months! Sometimes the meme just speaks to you!

Second, I think people plus the internet is a funny thing. We get hooked on the darndest things. 

There is a meme for everything under the sun. Food, games, people, animals, and whatever else your heart desires. I have found that some memes are clever and funny. Mostly, though, they are kind of degrading. Making fun of people's "fails", mess-ups, 80's year book photo, or just making up things that are completely wrong. I mean, there are memes of the Queen! I just don't get that.

As we are now twelve days into the new year it is time for me to show you what I want to become in the up-coming year! I have resolved to be awesome! 

So here I am, sitting on my computer and trying to spread a little sunshine! I want you to look at these and think "How can I be as awesome?!" 

Here are some memes and other things-

I might have the definition of meme wrong. Maybe it's only the pictures with words and stuff. Whatever! :D

Now to tie this into the main part of this blog. As I look at these pictures, I see Christ. I know that some people aren't honest about the stories that are attached to the pictures and were just trying to make a good fake story, but it makes me want to make it real. 

I think that people have put a shell around their lives. Not letting anyone in (unless invited) and not reaching out. I think that service is too scarce. I know that because of social rules I have not stopped to help someone that I have felt prompted to help. Here is my advice to me, myself, and I (and anyone else who wants to take it): stop thinking about yourself and what others will think of you. If you feel that the someone needs to be talked to, hugged, befriended, added, lifted up, or anything then DO IT! It doesn't matter if no one is watching or everyone in the world. Do what is right and be awesome!

P.S. So I found out that if you attach this picture to any picture it becomes a meme. My blog has been officially meme-a-fied


  1. Amen! I had no idea what a Meme was, still a little unclear (I'm dense). Its so good to see other folks who are "down with the syndrome".

  2. I thought you would like that one!