Tuesday, November 6, 2012

America: The Great Nation of Division

Ok, let's talk football. I am not a fan of football. Correction: I am not a fan of football fans.I have seen fights and arguments between people over who is the better team. Now, I am not a perfect person and I love a good row. The kind that you can go at it a couple hours and finish it up with a good "It doesn't really matter."  I am all for supporting teams, but when do you draw the line. Awhile back my sister, Mrs. Organized, was telling about how she needed to figure out what to wear to work the nest day. She lived in Oregon and the two football teams were playing against each other. She told me how she couldn't wear this color and that color. I think mostly it was so that no one thought she was supporting any team, let alone picking sides.

I am the kind of girl who will wear a Michigan sweatshirt in Columbus, the home to the Buckeye's, just to bug the people around me. Why? Because I think it's ridiculous that they are bugged. What does it matter what I think, even if it's just that I am cold and the only sweatshirt I have happens to have Michigan on it. Please stop offering me duct tap. I didn't ask them to change their minds. I am not saying that anyone is better than anyone.

It causes division. People who support different teams are enemies. Even if it's just for football season (let's face it football never ends). The separation is there. Here is the thing, people want people to be one their side, but at the same time they want others to never see it their way. They want the argument. They want to be right, to be better than someone else.

So what does this have to with the Gospel? I will get to that, just wait a bit longer.

Well, the football thing was just to warm you up for the real thing. Election day. Recap on how elections go. A bunch of men with some women thrown in the mix arguing about who is better. And to make it all the more exciting, the media has to step in twisting words and telling lies. It's like two parents fighting over a kid.

I never talk politics outside of my family. I will never be the one to hand out flyers, put signs out on my lawn, or give weekly updates on Facebook about my opinions. Here it is everyone: I voted for Romney. I bet not many people are surprised. Now before you start saying that I was just voting for a fellow Mormon, save your breath, because I made a choice and no matter what my reasons you have no right to dictate my actions. Further more you have no right to judge me on my actions. I return I have no right to judge you and yours, either. Not that we won't, because we will. Hopefully both of us will get over it. Do I hate Obama or anyone else who was running? No.

I understand why we have the party system and all that jazz, yet I still strongly dislike it. I just see it as a road block in progression. See how I used the word "progression"? What do I want to progress to? Well, here is where I get all spiritual.

Moses 7:18 (Scripture Mastery to all who know what I am talking about!)
 And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of bone heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them.

Here is my list of some divisions: politics, football (sports), money, intelligence, social class, skin color (yeah, there is still racism), religion/beliefs, fashion, sexuality, and so much more. This is a short list of the reasons we choose to divide ourselves. That scripture is my goal. This is at the root of why I don't like football and politics. I feel that some people think that during times like these they have the leave of absence to be be mean and judgmental of others. Well, they don't. Sadly I have seen lots of people of my own faith say some unwanted things. Now I am not saying that we should all be the same. There is a difference between division and difference.

Here is my advice. Take it or leave it. Put it under a car and run it over. Vote for who you believe will be a good leader and then pray for whoever is elected.

While we wage these wars with each other on who is right there are people out there who need our help. People who don't get help because they are on the other side of the divide. I don't believe that the Government is the answer, I believe it's the communities and the people who need to step it up and reach out, pick up, give, lend, help, or whatever needs to be done. No matter who or where.

I want to live in Zion and I know that is a ways off, but in the mean time I would like to live in the UNITED States of America.

NOTE: I wrote this at an early hour so please forgive any randomness and errors that might have popped up.


  1. I forgive your errors although my fingers itch to correct. :-D

    Oh, and amen.

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  3. Amen. I couldn't care less about political Parties, i think both are ripe with corruption. I do think the issues are worth considering. Folks say we should choose the lesser of two evils but it still looks a lot like choosing evil.